Friday, November 18, 2016

Woo Hoo! Cannabis is Legal in Florida!

Great Job Florida Voters!  You finally performed a selfless act by approving Medical Marijuana Use in Florida.  This should send a clear message to Washington that people are ready for National Medical Marijuana Laws.  Maybe the new administration will see that so many people in our great land want cannabis to be legal.  

It was a hard fight in Florida with months and months of radio ads, bill boards and John Morgan pushing every button he could to get support of this law.  Hopefully the new legislation will spark reform in the regulations that were originally put forth.  The access is so limited in Florida now.  But the advent of so many more people able to qualify will force reform on that front.  Every other state that is struggling to pass legislation should take note on the success of the statewide campaign for legalization in Florida.

Florida has such an eclectic mix of people. All walks of life come to this state for the great weather and set down roots. We have one of the largest populations of billionaires, one of the largest populations of homeless Vets, and everything in between.  So Florida voting for Marijuana by 70% is more than just a mandate.  It is a message to Federal lawmakers that America is ready for National Legislation and complete access, not just medical use.  

Most people who voted for this law, did so in the hopes that recreational use is just around the corner.  There is an appreciation for those who will immediately benefit from this as a treatment drug for so many ailments, but most want ready access to this, just like alcohol.  And it’s coming in Florida.  

Have you ever noticed when people from Florida and California share a viewpoint it has a huge impact on the rest of the country? So now that the two powerhouses in this nation are on the same page about cannabis, you can expect the feds to take note.  Full legalization is bound to be a reality in the near future.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

CannaWHAT?! CannaWHO?!

When we decided to enter the new and exciting industry of legalized marijuana, we thought we needed an appropriate name.  Something fun that let others in the secret society know what we were all about.  You know these people that are “legal” but operate on the edge, are a little bit weary of the establishment.  Call it paranoid…. or whatever.  But we wanted to show them we were “hip” “with it” “saweeet” “gnarly” “sick”  (but not in a “I need THC way”).  We just wanted to be one of the cool kids.

So we came up with a catchy, play-on-words type of business name.  CANNA TOUCH DIS.  As in, You cannot touch the dispensary we protect.  Cute, right?  We even had visions the we could get MC Hammer to be our spokesperson or sing on our commercials. 

“Can’t Touch Dis” dow, dow da dow, da dow, da dow… "Can’t Touch Dis”. 
canantouchdis, owner, ccd, security

See what I mean?  It’s clever; it’s fun; it’s silly stoner humor.  And we get a lot of attention at conventions when we wear our shirts that say on the back.  People take our picture and we have a “cool” reputation that proceeds us.  It’s fun.  We like it.  

We made our logo fun, too.  It’s a huge stereotype.  A palm tree/weed leaf that is green, white and black.  Original!  We were actually at a marketing seminar for the cannabis industry and the speaker had the nerve to say “Not every logo needs to be black, white and green”.  What???  We thought that was the point.  Let everyone know what you do with a MJ leaf in green and black.  It’s cool and clever.  Just what we were going for as we transitioned from a traditional security company to a Cannabis Security Company. 

The thing is, full legalization is trending now.  
The nerds, egg heads, Fortune 500’s and a lot of other mainstream leaders are getting into this marijuana business.  And guess what?  They tend to be a little bit judgey.  They don’t mean to be, it’s just that they enjoy scotch at the 19th hole instead of a hit at the coffee shop.  But like it or not, they are going to commercialize this industry and bring a corporate America feel to the whole thing.  And they get to because they have the money.  

So the little green biz guy making edibles in his kitchen is going to have to become a little more professional and a little less “kitschy” to fit in and grow their business.  We have noticed a few companies changing their names to reflect their expertise with less puns.  They want to be taken seriously by the investors.  
Cannatouchdis, ctd, logo
We followed suit. You can still find us at, but for sake of professionalism, you will now see us as CTD. The fact is, cannabis is a serious business. The mission is serious, the attention and politics is serious, the need is serious. Your business deserves to be taken seriously, too. 

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